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The moment when you look at your best friend & you know he’s thinking the same thing : We’re gonna rob the armory !

The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug


Things I learned from Outlander

proud husbands look the same no matter the century


Ops! Our fault. Hope this helps :)


I drool over Jamie as much as the next fangirl, but this is to take a moment to appreciate the two founding members of the sexy beret-wearing older man society.

Hubba hubba!


Fancasting meme

nine characters’ parents and/or family members who aren’t portrayed in the show/movie - 

Randyll Tarly - Graham Mctavish

"Randyll Tarly is the finest soldier in the realm. A poor Hand for peacetime, but with Tywin dead there’s no better man to finish this war. " – Kevan Lannister, to Cersei Lannister (affc - Cersei II)

(The Wedding Photo Recap)


ya did a bad dougal.

every time i think i’m starting to like dougal, he turns around and does something morally questionable. 

outlander_starzDougal’s scare tactics don’t work on Claire. #OutlanderSeries #BehindTheScenes #STARZ #scary @caitrionabalfe

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