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Graham McTavish Army

Hello everyone and welcome to the Graham McTavish Army, an unofficial fan blog dedicated to the work of the Scottish actor Graham McTavish.

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Note: This blog and all the "Graham McTavish Army" sites are dedicated to Graham McTavish and not to any fandom in particular. We accepted, reblog and upload all the fandoms (The Hobbit, Outlander, Pushing Daisies....) but we aren't dedicated to any but Graham roles, pics, news, interviews, works, videos and stuff.

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Graham McTavish and Ken Stott at HobbitCon

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ya he wasnt paying attention to where that sword was going xD

Dwarves on the dance floor 2014 via Graham Twitter


Graham McTavish at Hobbitcon 2014


Graham “Judging you” McTavish at HobbitCon

please don’t use without crediting me!


Full RTL II report from HobbitCon.

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Ok, so I’m back from HobbitCon zwei (swooooosh!) and it was the most fun I had in ages. I haven’t got many good pictures, because I was working there and didn’t have time to go around and actually look at things, but I’m giving you my best shots, grainy as they are. If you were at the closing ceremony you have probably seen me, because I was carrying microphones onto the stage. *waves at all of you*


Stephen Hunter, Graham McTavish & Dean O’Gorman at Supanova Melbourne 2013.

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