Graham McTavish Army

Graham McTavish Army

Hello everyone and welcome to the Graham McTavish Army, an unofficial fan blog dedicated to the work of the Scottish actor Graham McTavish.

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Note: This blog and all the "Graham McTavish Army" sites are dedicated to Graham McTavish and not to any fandom in particular. We accepted, reblog and upload all the fandoms (The Hobbit, Outlander, Pushing Daisies....) but we aren't dedicated to any but Graham roles, pics, news, interviews, works, videos and stuff.

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based on a conversation with my brother. i honestly don’t know what this is.

Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie in Outlander [x]


A Dougal MacKenzie Appreciation Post..because there isn’t enough of them.

"A fine set of clansmen, if we do say so ourselves. " via Outlander_Starz [x]


"No sign of the Orcs. We have luck on our side."  - Dwalin


Tulach Ard

New pic of Graham McTavish and Caitriona Balfe in the set of Outlander via Outlander Instagram

New Trailer

The New trailer of Outlander

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